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Even a “seasoned” senior as myself can find new ways to approach problems and solutions with the Tom Grandy audio presentations. If you are struggling in your business and don’t think you can afford to go to convention or Tech Center seminars, then, Bucky, you need to listen to some free good information in the Grandy series.  I also like the fact that you can download the audio, burn it to a CD or DVD and listen to it in your car or service truck.

- Marion Schroll of Marsanco, Riley, KS
Member since 1979

The company (Commercials on Hold) was very easy to work with and very responsive. From beginning to end it took about a month to get the finished product. Our staff feels less pressure putting a client on hold whey they know the client will be learning more about our company (which I know leads to more business). The client stays focused on our company rather than letting their mind wander. We also give our office ours and ask them to visit our website so they can learn more about our company.

- Kevin and Donamarie Richart of Elite Chimney Retoration & Maintenance, Inc. Dover. NJ 
Member since 1998

We investigated the DHL shipping program and it appears we can save some good bucks. One order shipped at a $14.00 savings over UPS. I figure our savings over the year will probably be a lot more than our NCSG membership costs.
- Jerry Isenhour of Chimney Doctor, Inc. Concord, NC 
Member since 1984

Stratus was cheaper by a great deal but one of the most important things I found was that they knew our terminology. I didn’t have to explain what a liner was, or a flue, smoke chamber and so on…. The point for me – they are cheaper and know what they are talking about or more to the point, what I am talk about and that is a BIG plus for my company before I have a claim, let alone after.
- James Ball of James Ball Chimney Cleaning, Stamford, CT
Member since 2006

When we switched over to letting Stratus handle our insurance we actually did not switch Insurance Companies . . . just agents. Our local agent, although already writing for us with Colony, could not get the “better” coverage (that includes E & O) that Colony is offering to Stratus approved Sweeps. We now have better coverage for less money with the SAME insurance company.
- Renee Brigman of Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps, Laurens, SC 
Member since 

Advanced Chimney Solutions is happy to say that with the help of the NCSG, through their recent partnership with Market Hardware, we just completed our website. Thanks so much for the continuing benefits the NCSG is providing to it’s members.
- Dan and Dina DePriest of Advanced Chimney Solutions, Jarrettsville, MD
Member since 2004
We want to thank every who responded on the Discussion List. We got a lot more ideas than we hoped for. This is such a great industry, everyone is always willing to help others succeed.
- George and Karen Mack of Woodinville Chimney Sweeps, Inc. Woodinville, WA 
Member since 1999
I can’t speak to whether you “need” this program (Safety Services) or not but I do know that it has really worked well for our company for about 3 years. In addition to helping us be OSHA compliant, it keeps everyone thinking about safety on an ongoing basis. This is one of the true benefits when we come together as an association and use our resources to better the trade.
- Steven R. Pietila of American Chimney and Masonry, Inc., Portland, OR
Member since 1989

The outlines and classes from Safety Services have been very useful to use in creating and maintaining a Company Safety Program. Whether or not it will “protect” a company in the occurrence of an OSHA situation is not the point for us – it was the implementation of the weekly classes which help our employees keep safety in mind.
- Jake T. Johnson of Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney, Inc., Evergreen, CO 
Member since 1999