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Potential NCSG Code of Ethics Violations
National Chimney Sweep Guild members agree to abide by the NCSG Code of Ethics. If you believe that a member has violated the Code of Ethics, there is a procedure in place to address such issues and potentially revoke membership status. Please note that the NCSG cannot affect or otherwise influence pricing issues. NCSG also encourages you to contact your local Better Business Bureau or State Department of Consumer Affairs/Protection.

NCSG Code of Ethics Violation Form and Procedure

Potential NCSG Trademark Violation
As the National Chimney Sweep Guild member trademark continues to gain value, it has become more common for non-member companies to hold themselves out as NCSG Members. If you find that a non-member company is using our trademark, please let us know so that we can continue to protect our trademarks.

NCSG Trademark Use Guidelines

NCSG Trademark Violation Report Form and Procedure