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Complainant must complete a Trademark Violation Complaint Form (.pdf). Form must be completed and submitted via United States Mail or via facsimile or e-mail. Completed form must include name, company name, address, and phone number of the alleged violator.  Completed form must include name, company name (if applicable), address, phone number, and preferably the email address of the complainant (for office use only; complainant's name will not be shared with the accused violator).  Completed form must include dated proof of violation.  Valid documentation includes yellow pages ad with cover, newspaper ad, invoices, flyers, etc.


Staff reviews case to determine if complaint is valid. Complainants are notified if their complaint is determined to be frivolous.

Trademark violation letter generated by the staff.  Trademark violation letter is mailed to Violator via UPS (signature required)  Complainant will be notified when letter is sent..

If no response from alleged violator, then:  Attempts will be made to contact by telephone and/or email.  After attempts have been made by NCSG staff, Legal counsel will send a letter (via Fed Ex) asking violator to respond by a certain date.  If no response, NCSG staff will attempt again to contact by telephone and/or email.  Complainant will be notified of status.

If alleged violator requests a Trademark Violation Review, then:
Violator must request review by sending completed Trademark Violation Review Form to the NCSG office.  Staff and Ethics Committee Chair will make final decision to allow or deny the appeal.  Violator, Complainant, and Legal notified of review outcome. 

Alleged violator responds to NCSG's letter.

If violator states they will cease and desist, NCSG office acknowledges receipt of violator's letter and complainant will be notified that violator plans to cease and desist.  Complainant is asked to monitor situation for future violations.

Violator responds to initial letter with request to comply through membership or renewal:
If violating company was never a NCSG member as determined by a review of our database records then request for compliance will be denied for a period of two years and payment of fine.

Violator's previous membership has expired

• If previous membership expired recently, then violator may comply  by renewing membership.

• If previous membership has lapsed for a period of over twelve months, membership privileges will be restricted for a two (2) year period and a fine may be imposed.