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November 2005 Minutes

Approved at March 28, 2006 meeting in Louisville, KY.

National Chimney Sweep Guild
Board of Directors Meeting
November 11, 2005
Plainfield, IN

Read all Reports Here. .pdf 

President Pietila called the meeting of the National Chimney Sweep Guild Board of Directors to order at 3:06 pm.

Directors Present: Paul Anderson, Ron Brigman, Randy Brooks, Bob Burney, Paul Hempel, Robert Huta, Mark Putnam, Hans Marsen, Thomas Rhines, Howard Rowell, George Stroup, John Wharton, Steve Pietila.

Staff Present: Mark McSweeney, Judy Thompson, Ashley Eldridge, Melissa Heeke, Royal Edwards and Wayne Black, Esq.

Guests Present: Renee Brigman, Bo Tasso, John Pilger, Kim Stroup, Connie Anderson, Jay Walker and John Mack.

A motion was made by Randy Brooks and seconded Bob Burney to approve the minutes of the July 2005 National Chimney Sweep Guild board of directors meeting. Motion passes unanimously.

President's Report: Submitted by Steve Pietila. In addition, he reminded all board members are welcome to provide input into the “Hedgehog” process. (Note: Hedgehog process is an organizational strengths and core purposes exercise based on the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. See report for more information.)

Treasurer’s Report: Submitted by Ron Brigman.

A motion was made by Mark Putnam and seconded by Thomas Rhines to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted. Motion passes unanimously.

Executive Director’s Report: Submitted by Mark McSweeney. He reiterated his earlier report on new database software progress. Online membership record access and event registration is expected to be available in January 2006. He also provided an update on plans for new member recruitment that will begin in November.

Legal Report: Submitted by Wayne Black, Esq.

Regional Reports
Region 1: Submitted by George Stroup. He also submitted an addendum with regional comments on CSIA and CSL. Pietila took a moment to acknowledge NCSG’s appreciation of the NER not scheduling a convention in 2007 when NCSG will be in the area.
Region 2: Submitted by Ron Brigman.
Region 3: Submitted by Thomas Rhines.
Region 4: (.pdf) Presented by John Wharton.
Region 5: Submitted by Howard Rowell.
Region 6: Presented by Bob Burney.
Region 7: Submitted by Steve Pietila.
Region 8: Submitted by Randy Brooks.
Supplier: Submitted by Robert Huta

Committee Reports
Nominating: Submitted by Paul Hempel. He indicated that he has received nomination applications from Randy Brooks (Region 8), Kevin DeLucenay (At Large), Diane Pilger (At Large) and Bob Priesing (At Large).
Long Range Planning: Submitted by Howard Rowell.
Finance Committee Update: Submitted by Howard Rowell.
By Laws: Submitted by Howard Rowell.
Membership: Submitted by Randy Brooks. He also shared his rekindled optimism about membership recruitment efforts. A discussion was held regarding the supplier and manufacturer coupon program. Coupons should be valid for use by all current and new members.
Ethics: Submitted by Thomas Rhines.
A motion was made by John Wharton and seconded by Bob Burney to overturn the Ethics committee decision in the case of Greater Northwest Chimney, Inc. v. Dimitri Desmons. Voting in favor: Paul Anderson, Ron Brigman, Bob Burney, Paul Hempel, Robert Huta, Mark Putnam, Hans Marsen, Howard Rowell and John Wharton. Abstaining: Randy Brooks, Thomas Rhines, George Stroup and Steve Pietila. Motion passes.
Convention & Events: Submitted by Robert Huta. A discussion was held regarding holding extended CSIA informational meetings at the 2006 NCSG Convention. Information was also shared regarding a list of potential seminars.
NFPA 31: Submitted by John Pilger.

Old Business
Mark McSweeney provided an update on liability insurance. A discussion was held regarding availability in New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

New Business
A discussion was held regarding getting more board and staff members involved in committee or leadership roles within affiliated trades. Opportunities will be researched and pursued as appropriate.

Steve Pietila asked those who will be seeking an officer position in 2006 – 2007 to announce their intentions:
Paul Anderson – Secretary
Ron Brigman – Treasurer
Randy Brooks – Vice President
Howard Rowell – President

A motion was made by Paul Hempel and seconded by John Wharton to accept NCSG Resolution 6-05 in honor of Wayne Black, Esq.’s more than twenty years service to the National Chimney Sweep Guild. Motion passes unanimously.

A motion was made by Thomas Rhines and seconded by George Stroup to adjourn the meeting of the National Chimney Sweep Guild board of directors. Motion passes unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm.