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April 2006 Minutes

National Chimney Sweep Guild
Board of Directors Meeting
April 2, 2006
The Galt House, Louisville

President Rowell called the meeting of the National Chimney Sweep Guild Board of Directors to order at 8:15 a.m.

Directors Present: George Stroup, Ron Brigman, Thomas Rhines, John Wharton, Howard Rowell, Bob Burney, Randy Brooks, Kevin DeLucenay, Diane Pilger, Bob Priesing.

Staff Present: Mark McSweeney, Melissa Heeke, Royal Edwards, Manesh Rath, Esq.

Guests Present: Jim Baynes, Jay Walker, Jim Robinson, John Bordelon, Mark Putnam, John Mack.

President’s Report Submitted by Howard Rowell.
Executive Director’s Report Submitted by Mark McSweeney. Preliminary registration numbers from the convention are 489 total registrants.

A motion was made by Bob Burney and seconded by Thomas Rhines to approve the minutes of the March 28, 2006 meeting. Voting in favor. All in favor. Motion passes.

Region Reports
Region 1 – Submitted by George Stroup
Region 2 – Submitted by Ron Brigman
Region 3 – Submitted by Thomas Rhines
Region 4 – Submitted by John Wharton
Wharton added an update on EPA developments.
Region 5 – Submitted by Howard Rowell
Region 6 – Submitted by Bob Burney
Region 7 – Submitted by Steve Pietila
Region 8 – Submitted by Randy Brooks
Supplier Representative - Submitted by Robert Huta
Huta added an update on trade show feedback.

Committee Reports
Membership – Submitted by Randy Brooks, adding that several new members have joined since the March 28th board meeting.
Convention & Trade Show – Submitted by Robert Huta. Mark McSweeney added his gratitude for the work of two key volunteers, Ginny Heagney and Fred Joy.

New Business
NCSG Trademarks – A discussion was held regarding the use of trademarks on membership materials.
A motion was made by Ron Brigman and seconded by Robert Huta to waive full convention registration fees for past-presidents and their spouses. Voting in favor: All in favor. Motion passes.

A motion was made by Steve Pietila and seconded by Bob Burney to accept the slate of CSIA directors as:
Eric Adair
Randy Brooks
Robert Huta
Steve Pietila
Greg Polakow
Bo Tasso
Ron Brigman
John Meredith
John Pilger
Howard Rowell
Bill Hussel
Erika Schmidt
Voting in favor: All in favor. Motion passes.

Dates for the 2006 board of directors meetings were set as May 22, 23, 24 (long range planning session), August 10,11 (budget meeting) and November 2, 3.

The following committee chairs were appointed as:
Executive – Howard Rowell
Bylaws – Randy Brooks
Finance – Ron Brigman
Nomination – Paul Anderson
Legislative – Diane Pilger
Affiliated Trade Development – Victor Imgarten
Long Range Planning – Randy Brooks
Membership – Randy Brooks
Ethics – Thomas Rhines
Internet – Paul Hempel
History – Hans Marsen
Foreign Relations – Victor Imgarten
Canadian Liaison – Yvette and Vince Aube
Trade Development – Greg Polakow
NFPA 31 – John Pilger
NFPA 54 – Jim Brewer

Mark McSweeney asked committee chairs submit committee members prior to May 1, 2006. He added that a Supplier Member Code of Ethics would soon be developed. He also encouraged board members to participate in Sweeps Week, July 10-14.

A motion was made by George Stroup and seconded by Robert Huta to adjourn the meeting of the National Chimney Sweep Guild board of directors. All in favor. Motion passes.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00am.