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April 2001 Minutes

These minutes, in regular typeface, are the minutes of the NCSG but this copy has not yet been approved by the NCSG Board of Directors. The summary in italics following each entry is an attempt to make the minutes more meaningful to those that were not in attendance.

Board of Directors Meeting

April 21, 2001

Indianapolis, Indiana

President Jerry Isenhour called the meeting called to order at 9:03am.

Directors present: Jim Baynes, Ron Brigman, Jim Conant, Michaele Dempsey, Paul Hempel, Bart Ogden, Steve Pietila, John Pilger, Jack Pixley, Joe Sauter, Marion Schroll, Jerry Isenhour.

Directors absent: Bob Fish.

Guests present: Susanne Dombrowski, Victor Imgarten, Pete Luter and Daniel Dempsey.

Staff present: Greg Williamson, Andrea Shelburne, Ashley Eldridge, Melissa Heeke, Pat Ward, and Wayne Black.

Minutes from the March 4, 2001 meetings were reviewed. A motion was made by Jim Conant and was seconded by Joe Sauter to approve the minutes. The minutes were approved unanimously.

President Jerry Isenhour presented the president's report.

[The President's Report indicated an increased focus in the following areas: Increased Communication with membership and allied industries. The NCSG Technical Director position search is underway and the NCSG Technical Advisory Committee will be making an increased effort to field questions until the position is filled. The staff's roles and increased leadership by staff members was discussed. Also contained within the report and discussed were items pertaining to convention attendance and future growth of the membership. Long Range Planning and the need for a comprehensive future plan was discussed. Long Range Planning took up the bulk of the Friday work session.]

Greg Williamson presented the Executive Director's report. A discussion followed.

[The Executive Director's Report covered the progress of the establishment of a Standard Operating Procedures Manual and improvements made in the overall communications of the NCSG. Newslink now has monthly Regional Director's and Supplier Director's Reports. The production of the membership directory was discussed as well as the need for all NCSG member companies e-mail addresses to be on file for future communications. Staff is also providing the Membership Committee with regular reports and an increased effort is being made on making contact with expired member companies. The 2000 Denver Convention evaluation forms were discussed as well as the financial performance of the convention.]

John Pilger presented the Treasurer's Report. A discussion followed.

[Current financial reports were presented. The NCSG is in good financial condition.]

A motion was made by Bart Ogden and seconded by Steve Pietila to approve the report. The motion passed unanimously.

Joe Sauter presented the Ethics Committee report. A discussion followed.

[The Ethics Committee has been seated. A monthly meeting of the Ethics Committee will be held in the NCSG office. Recent and pending logo violation complaints and letters were discussed.]

Jack Pixley presented the History Committee report. A discussion followed.

[The display, "History…Foundation of our Future", recently shown at the Denver convention was discussed. Also covered was the addition of several new committee members for this year. Committee members are Jack Pixley, Mary Ann Beaufait, Ken & Judy Hinkley, Bill Kline, Lucky Dale Meisinger and Paul Hempel.]

Paul Hempel presented the Internet Committee report. A discussion followed.

[Long Range Goals of the committee were discussed as well as the investigation into an improved platform for the NCSG and the CSIA websites. The platform that is being researched at this time would improve functions and usability of the websites. General updates have been completed on a regular basis and the sites continue to have good traffic.]

Michaele Dempsey presented the Membership Committee report.

[Goals of the committee have been established and include an increase in membership, more communication to existing and new members and a more visible presence at activities and conventions.]

Bart Ogden presented the Nominating Committee report. A discussion followed.

[The Nomination Committee has been seated and action is underway in preparation for the January 2002 elections. Nominations close on August 31, 2001.]

Victor Imgarten presented the Retail Sales Committee report.

[Plans for this year include expanding our general merchandise items and the introduction of specialty retail items.]

Jack Pixley presented the Technical Committee report. A discussion followed.

[The Technical Committee Report covered the new and existing members of the committee as well as the committee's contribution of articles to the NCSG magazine. Also discussed were the increased efforts of the Technical Committee to answer questions as required while the search for the NCSG Technical Director position continues.]

The Region 1 report was submitted as presented.

[The report indicated heavy activity in Region 1, with all the state guilds planning workshops and training.]

Ron Brigman presented the Region 2 report.

[Increased communication in Region 2 by Mr. Brigman is in process. The recent South East Regional Convention and Trade Show was well attended. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida state guilds are active.]

Joe Sauter presented the Region 3 report.

[He added that the Ohio State Guild meeting would be held in May instead of June as noted in the director's packets. The relationship between the Indiana Guild and the National Chimney Sweep Guild was discussed.]

Bart Ogden presented the Region 4 report.

[Prospective candidates are currently being sought for filling the Region 4 Director position. Bart Ogden, who is serving as the interim director until the January 2002 election, is currently filling this position.]

Jack Pixley presented the Region 5 report.

[The Region 5 report covered the success of the recent Denver convention as well as an encouragement to regional sweeps to plan to attend the 2002 convention to be held in Indianapolis. Attendance by Region 5 members in Denver was up 100% from those attending Myrtle Beach! Also covered was the NCSG Internet Discussion List as a NCSG member benefit.]

Marion Schroll presented the Region 6 report.

[The Region 6 report thanked the NCSG for allowing the Kansas Guild of Professional Chimney Sweeps to have a booth in Denver. After expenses, the Kansas Guild was able to raise approximately $1200 for the Chimney & Venting Technology Center. Attendance of regional members in Denver was very strong.]

Steve Pietila presented the Region 7 report.

[Region 7 membership numbers were given. The Region 7 Director's Letter was included in the April Issue of Newslink. Retailers in Region 7 are experiencing a high volume of wood stove sales, apparently as a result of the rising cost in energy although some chimney sweeps are reporting a slower year, most likely because of a very mild winter in Region 7.]

Michaele Dempsey presented the Region 8 report.

[Compliments were listed regarding the content and success of the recent Denver convention. Region 8 is very active at this time with 2 workshops being planned for presentation in the North and the South of California as well as a convention hosted by the Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild. Ms. Dempsey informed her constituents that she has recommended Bo Tasso to chair the Continuing Education Committee in order to focus her efforts on chairing the Membership Committee.]

Jim Baynes presented the Supplier report. A discussion followed including the quality of the service received from the Freeman Company at the Denver convention.

[Also of note was the general consensus expressed by the suppliers that the Denver convention was one of the best they had attended. Slight scheduling challenges were discussed and the suppliers are very much looking forward to the 2002 Indianapolis Convention.]

New Business

Steve Pietila discussed long range planning.

[The board met all day Friday, April 20, 2001, to discuss long range planning. Steve discussed that after Friday's work session, we now have a much clearer idea of the future direction of the NCSG to meet our mission statement. The Long Range Planning Committee will take the information that was discussed and begin reviewing it.]

Steve Pietila made a motion to amend the CSIA bylaws as follows: Article III, Section 2, the second sentence to read, " Three of the four officers of the Institute shall be serving a present term on the NCSG Board of Directors."  Jim Baynes seconded the motion. Voting in favor of the motion: Jim Baynes, Ron Brigman, Michaele Dempsey, Paul Hempel, Bart Ogden, Steve Pietila, John Pilger, Jack Pixley, Joe Sauter, Marion Schroll. Jerry Isenhour abstained. Motion passed.

[This motion was basically housekeeping in nature.]

The history item put on the agenda by Jack Pixley was referred to staff.

[The history item being referred to is being researched by staff and, at this time, is not ready for release.]

The meeting was recessed at 11:54.

The meeting was reconvened at 3:05.

President Jerry Isenhour thanked the board and staff for recent accomplishments.

A motion was made by Joe Sauter and seconded by Paul Hempel to adjourn the NCSG meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 3:07pm.

These are a draft and a summary of the minutes of the NCSG Board Meeting and have not yet been approved by the NCSG Board of Directors.

A. Bart Ogden, Secretary, NCSG